**3 Guys** looking for more to join. **1 Orca** does not

We got our own wormhole. We are medium experienced, but continue learning.
We are allrounders, but hot for small- and mid-gang PVP. Our content: Cloaky + Pew Pew + ISK.

Looking for few more pilots to “handle” more things.

What we offer:

  • a place you can call home
  • brothers with spaceships
  • solid sources of income, solo and as a team
  • bad jokes
  • somebody to laugh at (your?) bad jokes
  • will to walk the extra mile for killmails!
  • activity
  • SUGAR.*

What is required:

  • willingness to move some ships in our home system
  • cloaking

Sounds like this could be what you are looking for? Get in touch and have a talk with us.

  • we hoist the flag of SUGAR. Affiliates for medium to large fleet size OPS.

o7 Phillip Phyx

I’m Meik Odunen and I approve this message.

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I like this post!

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What time zone you guys play? I’m guessing EU prime by the “german” accent.

I like that you like it @cashSboy. I had fun putting it together.

You will catch all of us together mainly in EU prime, but playing times are weird. If plans are set we will be around. Our alliance is primarily US.

@Phillip_Phyx i also have weird play times, also EU tz. I would normally like to join you as wh space is one of few aspects of eve that i have not yet tried.
Unfortinatelly cannot play eve atm, i am out of my country (some of us have jobs) i will be back aroud mid Aug.
That beeing said, i have 3 main accounts, 1st is about 165 mln sp, 2nd is 145 mln sp, 3rd is 67 mln sp plus various alts for pi, missioning etc. My mains can fly pretty much everithing, build everithing (except titans), mine ore and ice, max rorqual skills,max triglavian ships, nestors, max logi cruisers, all of them can scan (including alts)
Will try to reach you on discord (this depends on internet connection)
Fly safe!

Cool, lets chat on discord. Even though we enjoy playing EVE, and this is what it shall be - a joy - real life and job goes first :wink:

we are still looking for more individual pilots

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