Worm Holers Anonymous is Recruiting! Can you fly an Ishtar? Wanna live in Pochven?

Worm Holers Anonymous is looking for new members, no matter what your flavor is we have access to the best content in the game!

We Offer

  • US-TZ Active, dedicated corp-mates, who are new-bean friendly.
  • Access to incredibly active PVP content, big or small and everything in between.
  • Industry is welcomed.
  • Alliance and Corp led OBF and Standing fleets to build your wallet and Poch standings.
  • Organized access to Pochven for amazing ISK making opportunities We own our own Structure to help with standing issues when you first start.
  • Nul-sec shenanigans of all types
  • Full Alliance SRP for OBF fleets.
  • Access to The Boys Alliance infrastructure
  • No formal rules set forth for activity, find what you want to do and do it. We provide the tools of opportunity, you simply use them.
  • Inclusive and drama free environment.

What We Want

  • Minimum 6mil SP Characters - have to be Omega - Being able to fly Ishtar with Heavy drones, Scimitar, Claymore with max links. ETC is very useful.
  • 18 years old+
  • Somewhat frequent involvement in corp/alliance activity
  • Anyone who thinks the above sounds of interest
  • Industrialists. Pvpers. Super/Titan/Cap pilots. Frig Pilots. New beans. Veterans.
  • Active comms(Team speak) and English speaking is a must. If your Active you need to be in Com’s
    we have empty channels in case you seek some peace :slight_smile:

Discord Link: Discord

Great group, plenty of content.

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Just a friendly Bump.

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So tempted but I’m real life time poor…

I certainly meet your ship requirements bar claymore

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