3 things i want to see in the third decade

I would life to suggest 3 points for moving forward into the third decade, with supers/titans costing what they do ccp needs to seriously bumb the income generating possibilities.

More more more

Consolidate the lowly bounties combat sites and increase the rest and add 3 higher paying combat sites in high, low and null. 1 more new kind per system small bumb up in difficulty, one for capital pilots per constellation and one for fleets and maybe supers/titans, with bigger chance for npc officer/dread/titan spawn per region. More ships per wave for all combat sites and more waves. Key points longer, higher, more. Similarly with exploration and whs, pochven, bumb up the bounties.

More improvement on the client, introduce a button for longer wait till undock and preload and sync everything so we get no desyncs and slowly cluttering graphics, after 20 years on the age of ssd’s for a client installed on ssd at least improve on the undocking part. The same for the warpins, they too suffer from poor programming and desyncs. Goes without saying that with star citizen and starfield out the graphics are outdated, need to work on that too.

And finally three new ships, first a higher yield BS sized ore miners, with 197 billion cost for a titan its gonna take a long time to replenish stock if one cannot increase the yield. Second a gallente/guristas project, many drones not only two large, 60 bandwidth, with 7 as number of maximum drones* , that means 7 smalls, 6 mediums or 2 large 1 medium. Finally the most needed of them all, a new BS sized hauler, transport class, we need both a t1 option with higher than 35 k m3 cargo and an industrial jump capable orca sized behemoth. Needless to say even with compression there are many problems with logistics on specific items, see heavy water.

If CCP focus on PvE to the exclusion of fixing issues with PvP and making it more accessible…I’ll have left during the third decade.


TV Series better than The Expanse


For sure not. The last thing we need is another ISK inflation. There is already too much ISK in the game.

Not really. Exhumers mine more than enough, especially when fleetboosted. And most people multibox them anyway. In general I like the idea of BS-sized mining platforms to give miners more options in ships to use, but only for combat-mining, aka the ships get boni for spider-tanking with an Orca/Rorqual Fleetbooster and some Drone Damage so they can fight off smaller assaults on their own or significantly delay the destruction of the mining fleet until reinforcements arrive. If they are piloted properly of course. But they shouldn’t mine more than Exhumers.

Not really. If you need more cargo, a DST is the way to get it. 65k m³ sounds more than enough for every day tasks. If anything, a T1 hauler for sizes of ~100k m³ would be okay if properly designed (slow, bulky, costly), a sub-freighter class if you want. If you need more, Freighters are an option already.

And CCP should not add more ships with JumpDrive capabilities. Really not.

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Nothing will never come close to besting Space 1999


I don’t know that one, will check it out, thank you

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  1. Vanguard and EVE are integrated to the point where I can pick up a warclone squad in my EVE clone’s black ops, travel to an enemy Raitaru, and eject them as a boarding party to attack the structure and its modules.

  2. The country of Iceland begins accepting tax payments in EVE PLEX

  3. bookmarks in overview

I don’t think that’s possible. Probably the best series I’ve watched in a long, long, time.

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Giving players more ISK is not going to reduce prices on much. Giving them less ISK is not a solution either.

There needs to be less friction when it comes to manufacturing. Make it great again.

just on a couple of points, inevitably capital warfare is where eve shines and they are too expensive and noone commits them, they bring bombers and kikimoras.

Also on the long term noone is gonna set the goal for a super or titan if he cannot within some feasible time build it or collect the isk to buy it.

supers reach 60 billion titan 197 billion build cost.

This needs to be dealt with, ratting is an active activity that one risks losing his ship to ganging and server shenanigans and compared to other forms of income is the lowest so i don’t believe isk inflation will apear if one’s already low income is bumbed a bit, and fleets will run some of them anyways so the effects are mitigated to many players.

For the people answering jump freighters, 1 they dont have nearly enough cargo area for certain high volume materials, tritanium or heavy water and similar, 2 the jump cost is significant running in 100’s of million of isk especially for higher volume tranfers. 3 do you have any idea how much they cost?

Even if a new lighter lower fuel using cheaper jump capable mini freighter is not introduced the prices of freighters and jump freighters need to come down big time.


Finally lets just point out that one other solution to the titan/super prices would be a gradual cutting of the components needed to build them

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