30b Loan @ 15% for 2 months

Hello, I am posting this on a alt for the fear of putting a large(er) target on my head. More or less, I am looking into expanding my already large rorqual fleet, and have hit a stump after buying a titan to ensure my hulks are capable of being bridged.

I am capable of producing well over 2 bil/hr at current market rates on compressed ore, in a ~relatively~ safe space. I have yet to be tackled, and any tackle that has attempted to do so, has been met with the force of many, many angry rorquals.

I know what your thinking, well, why not just use that ore to produce and inject a new toon, well that ore is being funded directly into speculation, thus creating alot more income, and I am currently nowhere near being able to get to 40b and fund my market pvp.

Therefore, Im looking for a savvy investor to help me out and loan my 30b for give a take a month or two. After this is over, a 15% interest will be compounded and you will be paid back with interest added. I’d be glad to show anyone skeptical my api keys to the rorquals to show off my ability to pay you back.

Thank you.

P.S. I do believe I have a investor already interested, but in the case he doesn’t pull through I figure Ill go ahead and work this out.

Hi, I’m interested, I could lend you 29b Tell me if you’re interested

Hey bud, I think we talked about this already on discord.


If this is, then yes, if you agreed to what we spoke of, then I will take the loan with the collateral we spoke of as well, contracted to you, at the price of the loan.

Thanks again for the interest buddy.


Okay, I expect the payment back soon.

Yep, confirmed.

Isk received with interest+ isk to be paid back on 12/18/17.

Спасибо за помощь моему другу

ok it seems okay, please do not forget to meet us, we see in game

Achievement get: Rep Grinding

Do you unironically live on MD Cody.

Yeah, reckon :parrotcop:

There’s a very easy way for the OP to partly deny that this is a rep grind as I’m sure they will want to do.
Issue an API to a trusted marketeer who will confirm the money exchange above is real and took place BEFORE the date/times above.
Or they might want to give excuses as to why they cannot…

Yeah :confused:

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