30m Industry/research/rorqual/freighter [SOLD]


He is in NPC corp now in Jita 4-4. No implants or jump clones. Can fly rorqual, Providence and gallente tech 2 industrials. Perfect PI skills. 10 job slots for production/ research/ reactions with almost system wide skills. Can produce tech 2 hulls and up to supercarriers. Offer me a price since I can’t come up with a proper one.

30b ready

Thank you for the offer. If no-one else is interested it willill be yours. I will give it a few hours.

I’ll be closing this auction in a few hours. The highest bidder gets the character.

Edit: correction

31B ready

32B ready

The auction will close soon. lemon JRX is the winning bidder so far.

Auction has closed. lemon JRX send isk and account name.

I’ll be online in about 30 minutes.

isk and Account has been sent

Deal accepted and transfer initiated. The thread can be closed.

Toon received, thank you!
Good luck!