32m subcap well rounded


Name: Foghsho Osodrac
born in 2013.06.01
Skill points: 31,711,530
Security status: 0.17
Positive/negative wallet: Positive
Kill rights: none

Start: 30b



20.5 billion


@Foghsho_Osodrac 21.5 billion

22 Billion

bump - reserve not met

22.5Bil ISK ready.

Iā€™d suggest you check your reserve against current PLEX prices which jumped significantly overnight if you want to sell your character.

will accept if youre still ready

22.6 rdy now


22.7 billion


22.8 billion

23bil just to watch this pathetic tonic burn lol

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23.01 billion

foghsho you should state minimum increments on your auction, so scums like this tonic wont bother fair traders.

23.5 b/o online now - pm me

want to complete the deal?