33.8M Armor logi alt auction

This character is in high sec with no bounites and no jump clones.

This toon was hyper focused on t2 armor logi. All skills dealing with logi are at lvl 5

please go over the EVEskillboard carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

I will end this auction on 8/29/2018


23 bil

24 bil

Daily bump

Daily Bump

24.5 bil

Bumper Cars

Bump a’ rino. Last day. High bid is 24.5bil

You have the winning bid. We can begin the transfer process whenever you’re ready.

I have 24.5b for this char, isk is ready right now. let me know.

im back and i will accept that

25B?if u sell

Yes i’ll sell it for that

If you are willing to 25B, give me some time, I will go find some money because it is a little beyond my budget.

I’ll be on for the next hour or so.

OK,wait me

How much longer?

wait my ORE selled?

Isk is ready,Who am I sending to?

isk sent ,Pay attention to check