68.9M Scout/booster for auction


Character is in Highsec currently and all jump clones are in highsec

This was my scouting and boosting alt so he has many high-grade ascendancy and snake implants. Be sure to check the implants thouroughly when making your offer because there are no omegas. Scanning and T3 skills are fairly high.

I will end this auction on 8/29/2018

52 bil

Daily Bump

53 bil

Daily Bump

Y’all want a single say bump that.

Bump that, bump that.

Last bump. Bid is at 53 Bil

You have the winning bid. We can start the transfer process.

unfortunately I cannot buy this character at this time. Bid retracted

51b offered, isk ready.

Retracted. Good Luck.

Did you still want this guy for 51b?

I would take him for 51B. Accept my offer and i can definitely transfer isk in 4 hours after work.

offer accepted!

was on when you said you were getting off work. Going to bed now. Try again in 8ish hours?

Haha Just logged in.

Isk and account name transferred

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