33 mill plus SP/support toon with pvp skills

Mojo107 is for sale.


This toon was originally started as a support character for my main pirate.

Can fly most sub caps
Freighter pilot
ECM Rcon Pilot
Great scanning pilot
Logistics toon
Ready to start going into Caps
4 remaps available

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec status
NPC Corp
Located in high sec
Many assets

Starting bid 25 B
B/O 30 B

I will answer any questions asap

Let me know guys and gals

25 bil

Thank you for your bid Mr Bond

26 bill

Thank you for your bid Sell goods

offer withdraw

If you can stretch the the extra bill m8, she is yours and I can start transferring right now etc.

Right Okay then,… 25B is top bid so far.

im still for sale

bump for me

26 b…

TY for your bid.

I will be shutting this down tomorrow about 1330 eve/UK time. Whoever has the highest bid or buyout wins…


Ty for your bid

Bid received online of 29 bill…

Let done by eve mail bidder will sell for 27 bill. capture Eye please arrange isk transfer and upon receiving I will transfer toon. so i need your account to transfer too.

Offering 27b b/o if still available

Go ahead m8, I will transfer wh n I have isk and details.

27b Isk and account details sent for transfer, thank you :smiley: