34M SP Char for sale Rzewuss

please post some offers.

21b offer

22 so far
ill wait few hours to see how it will evolve :slight_smile:

22.5b :slight_smile:

23 bil :slight_smile:

For addition - there is more than 2B worth of things scattered across the galaxy :slight_smile:

Excuse me, my good man, but I have some questions:

  1. where is the char located?
  2. how many jump clones does it have?
  3. any killrights?
  4. do you have any clothes for this char? special clothes, not the ones from the market, but ones the chat would not be ashamed to wear during a festival

I am really confused by this thread, my head hurts. Dang it, how I wish there was someone around to sort this stuff out!!! Like a person designated by CCP to handle this important stuff

eyes ISD Piggywiggy

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offering 23.5b

sorry for this :slight_smile: like You see - char is realy old :slight_smile: so am I :smiley: its the first time in literaly YEARS that i have logged in here … and this char is lying here doin nothing :slight_smile: so i tought that it might be handy for someone.

  1. char is located at Isinokka 0.7 < Asalola < Lonetrek
  2. jump clones are listed in here ( 3 of them image also atached):
  3. no kill rights
  4. i have played it long time before this was even a thing! :smiley: i have found one ship skin in imported from lowsec assets that needs to be retrieved from few containers (Asset safety wraps located in 0.1 Egbinger )

let’s make a bump here…

this char is still on sale.

Ill bid you 25 buyout

25.5b offer

OK :slight_smile: ill give it 2 more days, if there will be no higher bider - @Frost_Sunset will win :slight_smile:

nm, extracted SP from an alt

? :slight_smile: i do not follow - im out of game for quite some time :slight_smile:

26b if you transfer tonight

@Lucky_Bee what time zone are You in ? :slight_smile:

EU buddie, today is also ok

OK - so let’s get down to business :slight_smile: