34m SP Focused Nyx/Thanatos Pilot

Confirming I am for sale. Skillboard

Perfect Fighter support skills and Jump Cal V.

750,000 Unallocated SP
Positive ISK Balance
NPC corp
No Kill Rights
HG Amulet Clone
Character Located in Jita
Security Status 5.0

Lets make it quick, 25 bil.

Offering 27B

28 bil

Offering 29B

30 bil

Offering 31B

Highest bid tomorrow morning 8.00am GMT takes it going to sleep. Thank you for the bids thus far.

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Sold to Spitzhacke as he was the highest bid at close. Transfer the isk and i’ll move the char thank you.

Isk sent.

Thank you been dragged out by the Mrs will confirm isk receipt and transfer soon as I’m home this evening.

Confirmed. Tackeled by wife :wink:
No need to rush.

Isk received. Transfer started good sir. Completed after 11/20/2022 3.32.08 AM.

Thank you!

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