35th Stormbringer Regiment wants you

35th Stormbringer Regiment is Corporation of players within the game EvE Online. Our members work together to achieve common goals like taking down enemy strongholds and securing valuable resources. We take pride in our teamwork and the ability to work together to accomplish our goals. We are a tight community that plays a wide spectrum of games outside of EvE.

-willing to let small corps merge with us
We offer:

  • Nice, fun, drama free
  • RL first attitude!
  • Null Sec: Mining/Ratting/Industry/Super Umbrella
  • Good logistics
  • Fun Corp Events!
  • Guidance and Training for newer player
  • Access to a rich and multicultural Alliance
    -Buy Back
    -Free Ships
    -Monthly give

-Mine rare ores
-PvP Operations
-PvE Operations

  • Be space rich like us.

If you would like to know more you can check out our website or contact Capt Nathan James in game.




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