38.2 mil sp character. trig up to BS5 and t2 disintigrator, 25 bil


38.2 mil sp
Pos sec stat
Pos wallet
In Empire space
Isk goes to this Character
Trig specialist pilot with Assault frigs 5
Great Armor and Shield skills
T2 medium drones
Mid grade Amulet set
Logi cruiser 5 for Zarmazd
Two standard clones
Nueral remap available
60,000 unallocated skill points
25 bil takes me!!
B/O make me a great offer and i’m yours
No kill rights

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My offer is 18 bil.


21 bill

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Bump for the day


25 b isks ready when i get home from work

Awaiting isk and transfer info.

i’ll be home by 8 pm eve time

if you can transfer now you could have the character when you get home

isks and account details sent

Isk and account details recieved will begin transfer right away,thanks and enjoy.

Transfer has begun at 19:52 so i believe its 10 hrs you can fly him.

ty to u 2

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