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Does anyone have any info on getting a 3D mouse to work in EVE? It is working in other windows. The only controls I can find are the 2 sliders in the graphics settings. The only things working on it in EVE are the side buttons.

Had to google what a 3D mouse even was, extremely unlikely without some 3rd party software to remind it to mimic an actual mouse, any reason you don’t want to just use, you know, a regular mouse?

There would be no benefit to using one of these

I use it for work, so I already have it sitting here hooked up to my pc. It’s used in addition to the regular mouse; so it only adds control; there’s no trade-off.

I’ve never been able to get it to work in game, even though there are options for making it move faster/slower in EVE’s options window.

back in 2018 with the Onslaught Patch, they added this:


  • Added camera control support for 3DConnexion Spacemouse devices - Accessible in Tactical Camera mode

So as of right now, looks like thats the only thing you can use it for is to get some amazing screenshots.

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Mostly because none of the extra features would really do anything, EVE doesn’t really use any fancy features, its just a basic tilt, pan and zoom, like i said the only way to really get it to do stuff would probably be to use software like autohotkey to try and rebind the buttons or movements to things your mouse can already do or for extra keyboard buttons

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