Request for a 3D camera feature post in "Upcoming Features & Changes"

I have been playing with the new plugin for the 3D Connexion mouse on the singularity server. I was introduce to it by the CCP Dev at Vegas and almost immediately bought the 3D mouse for it. I don’t remember which dev it was that brought this wonderful tool into the game, but would love to discuss the new tech with him and other early adopters.

For those not familiar, there is a new plugin live on Singularity that allows you to use a special piece of hardware to control the camera in 3D space. Unfortunately the hardware is not cheap, and specialized for mostly designers. It is called 3D Connexion Space Mouse.

First off, this is awesome tech and will definitely change how artists do cinematic game play videos. I have been playing with it on the test server for some time and cant wait to use it on tranquility to collect some sweet battle footage and other cinematic footage of EVE. It definitely takes time to get used to. I have a short clip I can share, this is an early recording and I can honestly say I still need lots of practice with the hardware.

Currently there is no discussion thread on this new tech and would love to discuss with other users and possibly brainstorm improvements over time with the lead developer. I request a post on the “Upcoming Features & Changes” or whatever relevant topic this discussion would fit in. I think this feature opens up some awesome opportunities for content creators to make some great videos. I would also like to know some of the technical limitations there with how this plugin works and how much space there is for improvements in order to intelligently make suggestions.

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Totally second this motion, I picked up a 3D Connexion mouse as well after a test run in Vegas. Early tonight i ran a short stream with it on twitch and ill post a recording eventually, it’s seriously awesome and worthy of a lot of discussions.

Needless to say looking forward to this going live on the server *edit added

Lol, I can control camera in 3D without any fancy hardware. :joy:

You guys completely overpaid for that gimmicky :poop:.

But on the other hand I would like to have a REAL cinematic camera in space controlled by AI.

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