Has anyone used a 3d mouse with Eve?

I’ve been thinking about getting a 3d mouse for making Eve content. Been eyeing the cheapest compatible mouse I could find -the 3DX-700059. Anyway, my questions are:

  • Have you used any 3d mouse with Eve, and were you pleased with the results?
  • Have you used this particular mouse with Eve, and were you pleased with the results?
  • Have you used this particular mouse with any other programs, and do you like it?
  • Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice when it comes to buying and using a 3d mouse for Eve?
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nope, haven’t used any 3d mouse. I did get a regular mouse otherwise I would have to use the laptop mousepad.

Anyways it looks cool.

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ooo - that seems good! I find the SpaceMouse Pro version even more interesting. CAD work? Well, yes of course…but new gaming mouse?!!! Yes! \o/ Woot!

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lol first time i heard about a 3d mouse
its a space game , if its supported makes a lot o sense , tell us more if you try :smiley:

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How far along is headset/VR usage?

Don’t think there will ever be VR support for Eve. I would recommend Eve Valkyrie to you, but it never took off. From what I understand, the game play is actually pretty good, but since it never developed a following, CCP dropped support for it. So, you won’t get any support if any headsets or controllers don’t work, and you’ll have difficulty in finding matches. Apparently there’s a handful of people still playing, and they’d probably appreciate you playing, but it’s clearly dead.

Anyway, it’s all a real shame because the game was apparently good, it’s just that there’s still not a lot of people with VR headsets. As of April 2020, only 1.29% of steam users had a VR headset. And prior to Half Life Alyx, the peak concurrent user count record for a VR game was only about 8k (about the same number of people who currently play Eve through steam). And Half Life Alyx’s record is still only about 43k, which is similar numbers to Eve’s current PCU numbers. So, good was never going to good enough for a PvP focused VR game. Valkyrie had to be freaking amazing to be able to reach a critical mass in terms of player population.

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Interesting though. I expected this sort of thing to take off. Probably some price barrier involved. I also hear these things cause headaches.

I tried waving my arms about in space but it didn’t seem to work, perhaps a driver issue

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