3dConnexion Space Mouse (Mac)

Yesterday at GM Week’s Twitch Stream the FC used a 3dConnexion Space Mouse to do incredible Camera movement. Some settings for the mouse in EVE were also seen.
I use a 3dConnexion Mouse for construction purposes, so I instantly tried to use it in EVE -
but it doesn’t show up in EVE.
I’m afraid it’s because I’m playing EVE on a Mac…
Is there a Way to get this Mouse working on EVE for Mac?

bumped this over to Mac OS - EVE Online Forums

Bumping to ask if this has been resolved for MacOS?


News on this Topic - with Version 21.06.2440374 some Settings for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse appeared (Speed and Acceleration) - but I did not get the Mouse to work…

Hey, have you found a solution for the Spacemaus? I’m currently facing the same problem.

No :frowning: in Version: 21.06.2454674 I can still see some Controls in Setup Menu but can’t get the Mouse working…

I have a good connection to the German support team. maybe they have a solution for us. One of their developers plays EVE Online. As soon as I know more, I’ll post it here. o/

Just saw the controls in the menus today and got excited, but have not been able to get it to work. So sad. I was getting excited for a minute there. I am wondering if it is because I can only point it at the launcher and not at a specific app that gets launched.

Tried making an alias (link) to the EVE.app that get’s launched by the launcher to see if specifying the app directly would do any good, but it didn’t work.

Then tried launching the app directly (bypassing the launcher), but it stops you and says the launcher is required and won’t allow login.

I’m guessing the issue is tied to only being able to specify the launcher and not the actual app, but it’s only a guess at this point.

There is a macro for EVE for the Windows version, but it is not included in the Mac version. Unfortunately, I am not someone who is familiar with macros.