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Please use this thread for general feedback and discussing known issues with the Mac client.

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Has any other iMac users got this issue today:
I open Launcher and pick an accounts usual.
I see the EvE game window open and the reward window inside it.
I move my mouse on to the EvE window and nothing, the pointer moves around the window and the screen and operates everything outside of the EvE game window.
move mouse back over the reward and click and nothing.
The mouse no longer functions in EvE for me, since the patch today 18th August 2020.

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following problem MAC:
As always, I start the eve online launcher. the start screen in client version 1678945 opens. at the bottom of the screen is the following under the blue loading bar.

Client version: 1788492 (Patch Details) I Launcher Version: 1678945 I 6.4.14

when I press play on my account name, the following message appears in the top right …

Error Could not Copy Files to Tranquility

and the game does not start.
what do I have to do to be able to play again?

Environment sounds and launcher sounds are gone again for MacOS … we had that problem a few weeks ago, then it was fixed. Now same issue again - unacceptable.

Getting persistent “Game Client assigned to XXXXXX has closed unexpectedly.” Since patch. (Mac OS, latest version). Have cleared caches, and even uninstalled launcher: no joy.

UPDATE: It seems the error/crash only occurs when I have my USB external monitor connected. When connected, it uses a 3rd party display driver to run. LogLite records this error:
Failed to import _trinity_stub_deploy

Disconnect the monitor, and no issues.

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Confirmed, my second monitor uses DisplayLink drivers. as soon as I unplugged it, i was able to load the game client

Is anyone else on macOS noticing the game is running really slowly since the latest update? Even on full potato mode I’m getting performance which is so bad I can’t even play “spin the ship” without experiencing loads of lag and dropped frames.

Switched to boot camp (which is usually faster) and noticed the same drop in performance :frowning:

Yes -
Being polite - it’s absolutely dire

I noticed the client appeared to download an update when starting up yesterday and now the performance has improved on both Win and macOS.

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