3D Printed Fedo's

I think that various sizes and colors of the Fedo could be a rather sellable item for certain.

The Fedo could be printed off as digging in a garden or trunk of a tree or even sitting in one. Other items could be Fedo desktop weights of small to medium sizes and even a Fedo headset rest. Other items could be the Fedo Christmas Tree or outside light decorations and even the Fedo Tree Top Angel.

Everyone wants a Fedo…who doesn’t want a Fedo…they are so cute…and fluffy.

Actually I was thinking of the Slaver Hound…but the Fedo would be just as cool.

You could make a scene of various passengers passing around the Yulai Log during the holidays.

Fedo lawn gnomes?


Why not, maybe even Fedo door knockers as well.

Should come packaged with:

Fedo Eau de Cologne

Come to think of it, those of us that play the game a lot probably already smell like Fedo’s.

Imagine that Chronicle written slightly differently (read in David Attenborough voice):

The EVE Player is an omnivorous, sponge-like creature. It has reddish skin and numerous small claw-like tentacles which it uses to move around and protect itself. A primitive being, the EVE Player’s method of eating and absorbing nutrition is slow and inefficient. This means that food stays for a long time in the EVE Player’s body, and will most often have rotted or turned foul before the animal passes it out of its system. EVE players eject fumes from their body which, for the reasons explained above, have a most horrible odor. EVE Players possess a fantastic sense of smell and so use these fumes to communicate with each other; they are however both blind and deaf, having no eyes or ears. The mouth is located on the underside of the beast, and the EVE Player feeds by positioning itself over the food and lowering itself down on it.

Hmm, I think there’s a whole website that can be constructed out of this. A kind of “EVE Embelishments” site where you pick a target (eg. F1 Pusher, CCP Dev, Highsec Ganker, Carebear, etc.) and a chronicle is chosen at random to rewrite like above.

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