3rd Project Discovery - finale de fatale

The general feedback on the 3rd phase of PD is - total fail.
The common frustration comes when you observe the “control” sets useless being at 99% and cann not reach any further beyound.

The general question - what is the point of the project with this release?

With star finder… ok it was more or less without annoyement and possibility submit empty feedback.
This one - sorry, it sux alot… no option to submit empty, have to wait untill crappy “control sets” will be skipped and stupid message “we can not produce faster than you can resolve” - trust me I CAN.
Most important… after mapping, some raandom picture appears… totaly random, even if you mark a blank space it still shows you - which is proof of it worthless.

Aparently not to “discover” but “cheat you” is main purpoise of this 3rd phase.
They keep spamming you and even giving a correct pattern does nothing.

Now most important - that I personally hate about all this - level reset, with 1st phase I got to lvl 50? ish with 2nd to 70? ish… now back reseted to 0…
level reset is a most common stupid thing you can introduce in online game… especially when some (most) players are overbusy (taking into covid situation) and personally for me spending for more than 1 h per day of gametime (on na ave) is an option I choose, and definately not to redo over and over the same crap… if I would - I would better play WoW instead…

GL and keep going - you are on the right path to loose your loyal customers

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