4.1 Billion ISK Collateralized Loan 2.5% - Pending

This post is to serve as an agreement between Hoodjack Saken and Fazzy Star.
ENorm will facilitate the collateral hold.


Loan: 4.1 Billion ISK
Collateral: 100% or more
Interest: 2.5%
Period: 30 Days
Prepayment Penalty: None
Total ISK required to satisfy loan within 30 days: 4,202,500,000

Collateral has been contracted to Elizabeth Norn.

Pending her confirmation below.

I’ve accepted (and paid for) Hoodjack Saken’s collateral worth at least 4.1b

@Fazzy_Star, could you send the 4.1b ISK to me please?

Confirming receipt of the 4.1b.

Thank you Enorn and Fazzy. I will post here once the loan has been paid back.

ISK sent to @Elizabeth_Norn

Tried to contact Hoodjack on Discord, no response.
ENorn has contacted him in game, no response from that either as far as I know.
Will discuss next steps with ENorn.

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