8.4b loan, 2-4 months

Original post 4/4/18
After a 4bil loan for 2-4 months
Fully collat (ships in Jita)

Update 23/4/18
Successful trading thus far so full 2 months interest paid to Tiddle Jr, but would like to keep the 3.4bil working for me for now.
Looking to increase the loan by whatever 7 Navy Armageddons and 237 Hookbills will cover me for, as decided by Elizabeth Norn. Lets say 5bil for now as a rough estimate at the same rate as before, 3%

May 8th- 102mil interest paid
June 2nd- 102mil paid - 150mil paid

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What’s your interest rate. And can we get an eve praisal of the ships

I will tentatively fill this based off those answers :smirk_cat:

How about 2%?

I’m afk until tomorrow night, but I have 6bil worth of Hookbills, Caracal NI’s and Griffin NI’s

We can come to an agreement as to how much of each would cover it.

Edit- Thanks for saying you’ll cover it, hope these details are acceptable :slight_smile:

How’s about 3%

Yeah sure

I’ll give you a message tomorrow night with exact details of collateral


Message sent with details of whats available for collateral

I’m choosing to send this loan back to the wild. Best of luck

Collateral has been contracted to Elizabeth Norn, who has valued it at 3.4bil, so this is the amount I will be asking for.

Interest rate at 3%

Waiting for Enorn and the investor to post

pending Norns reply I will fill this.
PS: Rough duration normally helps investors.

Someone has already promised to fill this, I’m just waiting for confirmation from Elizabeth Norn before they can send isk.

Will let you know if they pull out

no worries

Confirming that I’m holding items from Alexi Black worth at least 3.4b ISK.

Can the investor post here or mail me before sending the ISK so I know who’s involved?

I’ll send iskies shortly to ENorn.

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ISK received with thanks

See you in a month!

OP updated

  • Tiddle Jr paid for 2months interest
  • Possible increase of loan amount please read OP @Elizabeth_Norn


confirmed monthly interest payment receipt, send priv mail to ENorn he might get checking mails via Eve Portal cause haven’t seen him on forums recently.

and i’m ok with additional 5b investment.

Sorry been away this weekend, will send him a mail later. Can hopefully get the extra 5 bil wrapped up by the 7th to coincide with our interest payments on the 3.4bil.


Confirming that I’ve accepted an additional lot of collateral worth at least 5b ISK.

Sorry for not replying before. I didn’t see a notification for the @.

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:moneybag: been transferred