[Loan] GISK Bros seeking working capital injection at 5% per month

Hi everybody,

I am running a small manufacturing and trading business and have come to the conclusion that my growth rate is currently limited by a lack of working capital. Therefore, I am willing to borrow ISK and am offering an interest rate of 5% per 30 days.

I’ve been playing EVE since late last year, and by now my business has an average revenue of around 9B ISK per day, with equity being more than 100B ISK. As my return on equity is more than 5% per month, I believe borrowing to be profitable for me and 5% should to be a fair incentive for any prospective lenders, too. My processes are highly optimised and all my assets are in productive use, which means I can’t offer any significant amount of collateral.

Regarding proof of my claims:

  • I believe I have a good reputation in the Haulers Channel and with Red Frog Freight.
  • I would not want to make a trade history API public, but I would be willing to privately provide one to one of the senior forum members.
  • Also, there is a chance that you might have traded with me if you have been selling materials or buying high-end rigs or modules in Jita – please check your transaction history.

Summary of loan details:

  • Amount: at least 1B ISK, not more than 100B ISK
  • Duration: fixed term, at least 30 days
  • Interest rate: 5 per cent per 30 days (equivalent to 81% p.a.)
  • Interest payment: either separate payouts every 30 days or at end of loan term
  • Early redemption at lender’s request: at least 15 days’ notice, no interest owed after notice given
  • Early redemption at borrower’s request: interest payment in lieu of notice

You’re bringing in 9B per day yet you have nothing you can put down as collateral. And for taking your word that you won’t simply walk away with the money you offer a paltry 5% which is insignificant compared to the substantial risk for investors.

Sorry but I’ll take my chances with ISK doublers in Jita local instead. I’m sure you’ll find someone willing to “invest” and I wish you luck in your business endeavor.

I just remembered, I do have one unanchored Azbel I am trying to sell in a quiet highsec system. If anybody wants to invest at least 5B I would be willing to offer that as collateral.

I would be willing to take your Azbel as collateral for a loan, but only for a significantly lower amount. Let me know if you are interested anyway.

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