4.6M SkillPoint Ice Miner - Hulk Mack - Ore/Ice No Reserve

Wallet Balance: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: 1 - Aydoteaux II
Character Location: Aydoteaux II

No Reserve - Best offer wins - I’ll give it like 3 days…happy bidding


you may only bump once in a 24 hour period… your bump was after 17 hrs

3B. Are you interested?

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3.5B bid


Sold - congratulations Orion Renald - 3.5BN - send isk and account info.

if its still open ill take it. and you’re other one too.

Contacted you in game Enoch

isk and acct info sent

ISK recvd…having a problem finding the account ending in 311 - can you confirm?
Other character transferred successfully.

can you try once again?


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