4 x (Almost) Blazing Alts

(Mr Blacky) #1

Considering selling my WIP Guristas blazing alts, give me an offer and I will think about it. These will kickstart any new blazing operation or be a nice boost to an existing one.
(09,27 and 16 are currently Omega and so their standing/sp is better than 07 who is alpha)

Name SP m St. Guristas Connections Diplomacy Negotiation Social Criminal Connections Security Connections Location
Speciment B-009 3.7 5.41 V V I V V V Bourynes
Speciment B-027 3 2.54 I V V V V V V Bourynes
Speciment B-016 3.1 2.54 V V V V V Cistuvaert
Speciment B-007 2.27 1.67 I V I V V V V K3JR-J

(Nandea) #2

@Mr_Blacky Ok… Though nice to see just the specifics of what you are selling them for we will still need their links and u have to confirm them for sale by posting with each of the characters here ‘‘Confirming i am for sale’’
Unless u do this you are not following the rules. I would recommend reading them to make sure u have understood it all thnx.

(Speciment B-009) #3

Confirming i am for sale’

(Speciment B-027) #4

Confirming i am for sale

(Speciment B-016) #5

Confirming i am for sale

(Speciment B-007) #6

Confirming i am for sale

(system) #8

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