Selling my main 42.5m sp

Selling Veela Svazi.

Looking for Price check first please.

Some good things, it was my main over 62m sp but extracted carrier and capital skills to focus more on subcap and injected a carrier alt (Also for sale). Retweaked for like in Thera but didn’t work out as planned

Char will have positive wallet, is in NPC corp and based in Jita 4-4 atm.

Has a mid-grade clone.




Sorry current value skill extracting is 35.25b so looking for a tad more than that :slight_smile:

Selling character(s) is fine but actually selling acount(s) is in violation of ToS, I’ve removed the “account” part of your title. Good luck selling your character(s).

Ah ty, I just sold another char through the transfer process, accounts was just a slip up o7

32b bo

32.5B offering

Offering 33B

33.5B,if you want price higher than value skill extracting,you cant sell out here,you should go back game and sell injecters,most here is buy char for play ,but not merchant,bussinessman wont buy your at such price. IF you are still for sale, 33.5B

Final offer 34B

I’ll offer 35b

havent ou guys seen he has extracted all his skill without telling us ?@ISD Sakimura

@ISD_Sakimura see above

I’m closing this thread as character is no-longer as advertised (has been extracted). You are free to recreated a thread and advertise it as it is now.

Good day :slight_smile: