[SOLD]WTS 5 Burner Missions ,Gas characters

2 can use Kirin, 3 can use daredevil in burner missions. They can do Guristas burner missions now!
This 5 can use prospect and T2 Gas Cloud Scoop.
All of them can use Ishtar in the future.

5 character skills:

0isk, no kill rights, now in 0.0, but I will put it in high sec before transfers.
packaged for sale
bid begin at 0 isk

4B per character B/o Offer [i’ll take all 5 ofc] :slight_smile:

[As a note, you can transfer them as alpha :)]

I think I’ll have to wait a few days and if no one bids more than you, I’ll give it to you…In alpha…

Understandable, I will hold off searching until I hear back form you.

ALL Characters which are for Sale in here, have to confirm in a reply, that they are for sale.

I have marked your Thread for reviewing it in 24H, so you have time to log them all in to confirm the Sale.

Otherwise this Thread will be closed Tomorrow due a violation of the Character Bazaarś Rules.

Confirm to Sale

Confirm to Sale

Confirm to Sale

Confirm to Sale

Confirm to Sale

OK, I think no more people bid, you can send isk and in-game mail to moplord yourfather

I will send the info shortly.

With the account information for each toon.

Account info sent.
Isk also sent directly to moplord.
5 transactions of 4b.

Sorry, it says Character transfer is locked. Please contact Customer Support… I need to contact GM first. I will return the isk. After solved this problem we can continue trading.

Not heard anything, withdrawing offer.

Continue selling, GM reply me and removed the character lock today…

I will take c-piao - 4B

Sorry, only packaged for sale… 5 characters can do burner missions…

I’m happy to take them all, but no liquid isk at this moment, is it possible to take 2 toons now and the other 3 within a week? if u are in no rush, you can consider it all sold to me. will await your reply thanks.

I can sell you when you have isk to buy 5. I can wait.