WTS 5.9 mil SP 2016 Char [SOLD]



No implants

Rifter Blue Tiger (900k)
Apotheosis Capsuleer Day XVI (960k)
Apotheosis Capsuleer Elite XV (110k)
Apotheosis Icecloud Investigators (500k)
Capsuler Capsuleer Elite XV (2.7 mil)
Astero Deathglow Hunters (10 mil)
Gila Deathglow Hunters (15.2 mil)
All four Frontier Safeguarder SKINs for T1 Logistics (unknown value)
Sunesis Icecloud Investigators (1.7 mil)

No wallet balance
No killrights
Located in Jita 4-4
I will pay transfer fee


Lowering starting bid to 3.9 bil, and buyout to 5.1


Lowering starting bid to 3.8 bil, and buyout to 5 bil!

Alright since I need to sell this as soon as possible I am lowering both the starting price and the buyout by half a bil, to 3.3 and 4.5 bil respectively. Whoever has the highest bid as of 0100 EVE time will get the toon.

Alright making this “Name Your Price”.

How about 3.1?

I can do 3.1

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Sounds good, I admit I haven’t sold a character in a while so how do I go about this?

Yeah im in the same boat, im pretty sure I give you the account to send the character to then we trade isk and the character

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I’ll PM you on my main. Is Urabe-chan a good character to PM?

Yes this is my main, pm me and we can do it

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PMing you momentarily!

Character sold at 2303 ET today

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