40M Great Gallente and Minmatar skilled char to sell

Selling myself


great fighting skills, sub-caps, and small gang ships.

positive wallet and standings. sitting in JITA, NPC corp.

biding starts from 30B
B/O 48B

(willing to finish this auction this weekend, the highest bid will be accepted by end of Sunday )

25Bil ISK ready now

27B Isk ready

28b offer

32 Billion

thanks Ahakoshi

pump pump

Hi Ahakoshi, your offer is accepted as the highest bid so far. pls start sending info and isk to this toon so i can transfer. thanks

You got it.

ISK transferred. EVEMail with pertinent details sent, thank you very much.

isk and info received. char tranfering initiated. thanks Ahakoshi.

Character received, thank you again.

no problem, enjoy

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