40m sp AU TZ player looking for a home in Null

Hey ya’ll looking for a corp, must be null w/sov I’m a returning player with a fairly new account well not long been training him full time - was an Alt
Currently 41m sp but sold a 200m toon about 8 years ago, trying to focus back on pvp but need time to PVE so must have sweet rats - have experience in BLOBS / CAP fleets having previously owned supercaps (back in the day). Currently a mix of TZ due to work but changing back to AU TZ in a week,

Really looking for a tight nit group whos focus is small gang pvp, needs to have at least 1 solid FC in corp, I’m a good follower but not a leader.

SRP is a bonus - I am poor AF (hence the need for sweet rats)

Prefer mature corp, I have 3 kids of my own, 18+ so yer I’m an old timer

hit me up in game if you are looking.

U can join Baka Corp(Asia+AU) in Slow alliance .

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