42.4M SP Dedicated Avatar Pilot - 58B

We can trade now if we can

WTS 73m avatar/nag pilot 65b :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes deal. Send isk and account info by mail please to this toon.

buyer has not responded or sent isk or mail. Toon back for sale at 45B Isk.
Thank you.



bump! keep in mind if you injected this toon it would cost you upwards of 49B isk without the expensive skill books (titan ect) and the ability to train almost any subcap or general skill without having to purchase skillbooks. I am only asking for 43B Isk.


43B B/O

sold to you, please send isk and account info to this toon please.

Thank you

send isk to ID: Kaldor Reidenshi ?

yes sir, with the account name you want it transfered to in mail.

OK, but now is too late,im sleep,tomorrow i will send isk to you

ok, no problem friend.

sorry,i can’t buy it, im find new

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