[42IN] Has 33% of the games female player base. (Nul-sex_PVP_Indy)

There’s one. Don’t get your hopes up. She might be gay.

Infinite Improbable Industry Inc is always looking for new cannon fodder. (Or industry folk, for some odd reason).

We Can Offer

Active, dedicated corp-mates, who are surprisingly new-bean friendly.

Frequent Pvp Events/Roams

Mining fleets

A complete lack of dictators (I honestly didn’t know who our CEO was, till week 8 of playing the game. Oddly chill person)

Nul-sec shenanigans of all types.

Low activity requirements.
-There’s no formal rules set fortth for activity. Try to participate in something as often as you can. We do kick inactives.

Inclusive environment
Gender, orientation, favourite spice girl (We will still like you if it’s Geri Halliwell); None of that matters here.

What We Want
Players who laughed at this.

Somewhat frequent involvement in corp/alliance activity


Industrialists. Pvpers. Cap pilots. Frig Pilots. New beans. Veterans

More tacos


Join the ‘42IN’ channel in game and message any recruiter. (You will be directed to our discord, and how to add your character(s) to SEaT)

Feel free to get a jump on the process, and add your characters to SeAT now!

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Of course it is Geri Halliwell. Who else would it be?

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I’ve met people who didn’t like Posh.

So uhm, don’t tell the RCMP where i’m living. I have NOTHING to do with those dissappearances

Love Bump

How much space do you have access to? How many players in your Corp? My friend and I are shopping around for a good crew to join, and I definitely laughed at this. Had an old school mtv music video watch a few nights ago, and the spice girls came up first :grin:

Well, we’ve just taken out Naxxramas in record time, so our name’s on the leaderboards!

Crap, wrong game.

170 members in corp currently (Counting alts, I guess. I personally estimate 30 ish alts). But i’m not a numbers person.

We’re a part of Pandemic Horde, so there’s a lot. I believe Horde is the second largest alliance in game? I honestly don’t even bother trying to fly out of our territory for content. Filaments work best :stuck_out_tongue: We’ve got a looot of space.

love bump

I’ll love your bump

So cute that you think spice girls is old school mtv.

Poke, Hitting up you hardcore PVPers, theres a war on FYI… plenty of pew to be had!

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