*42mil + SP For Sale Vargur/Kronos Pilot (near Nyx pilot)

Here for sale my toon that can fly both the vargur and kronos and is near flying the nyx properly.

1 Wallet balance Is positve
2 Kill rights No Active Kill rights
3 Jump clones This char has a Mid-grade Crystal Set
4. Character location Char is located in amamake

what you see is what u get.

minimal Bid is equal to what can be made by sucking all the Sp out

23b; for what it’s worth this guy will continue proudly flying, will not be drained

24b OFFER Today only. - Will not be extracted, will be used.

25b. If you look at Tanya S’s history, he/she/they flip accounts. I am on the market for Vargur for C5 sleeper sites. Unfortunately, 25b is all I have and cannot go beyond that.

I dont flip accounts whatsoever. This is my forum account, check ur dates. My account purchases are quite frankly nothing to do with this thread, buying things like a Cyno Alt, a Dread Alt, Carrier Alt is not allowed??

I will continue to outbid you, and you won’t win if this is how you want to play…


26b offer


26.5B offer today

isk offer as described in our convo.

accepted send isk and account info and i will initiate transfer

Isk Received Starting Transfer

Isk has been sent, awaiting confirmation email

Transfer complete, many thanks