WTS Nag/Niddy / Vargur / Loki Pilot 36M SP - SOLD CLOSE

Hello there world,

I`m selling this character :

Character is not in any corp!! Site is just bugged out and it shows that it is.
You can check it out in-game @ SveznajucaBrena

  • T1 Dread
  • T2 Niddy
  • Speced for Loki and Vargur
  • Can fly Bowhead
  • 5.0 sec status
  • Small amount of Unallocated 42K only
  • Heavy missiles / Heavy assault / Minmatar Guns all sizes /
    Character at this moment has @ 35.984.897 SP site is once again bugging up and did not update for couple days even when I updated it.

B/O 40B
If you feel other way, please shoot an offer to me and I will review it gladly.
Also you may contact me in-game, however please make sure to offer on forum instead of in-game.

18 bill

Thank you for the bid, however it is to low for me at this moment.
So I will have to decline this one.

Bump. :hamburgerparrot:

Offering 23b buyout


  • Character’s skills are very divided and anyone purchasing will need to do serious re-allocation work to specialize it which requires a notable investment on top of the buy price
  • No significant specialization pre-existing (The skillsets for what it’s being advertised for are severely lacking, for example.)
  • Missing some key base skill level 5s

Also, for context on pricing for profit-buyers, extraction value is approximately 32 billion if you estimate at the highest possible reward without calculating sales tax and broker’s fees (assuming the cheapest extractors vs the most expensive injectors). So then you can estimate more conservatively that you can make about 4-6b profit buying the character @ 23b. For the effort, it isn’t really worth paying anything more.

25B offer

30bil my offer

As for now, highest bid is 30 BIL / I`m willing to wait 10 more days.
If there is any higher offers please let me know.

I offer 31B only today.

@Yiphapoh_Aviya_Kafshaz Please let me know if the offer is still standing ?
I do accept the offer, you may send the ISK.
Also you can send the email in game or state your username to transfer here.

Contact me when you can

I can offer 31 as well if Yihapoh isnt buying. @SveznajucaBrena Let me know

yes still standing,I ‘ll send ISK,PLS wait about 1 hour

@SveznajucaBrena isk sent ,my username is 503277432

Isk received, starting transfer in 2 minutes

Transfer has been initiated to the account @503277432.


Thank you for the deal @Yiphapoh_Aviya_Kafshaz.

This ticket can now be closed.
Player has been sold and transferred.
Please close.

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