43m SP Ragnarok and T2 siege/guns Naglfar

great name for a titan pilot
12 days from Dread V


wallet balance: 43 million isk
kill rights: none
Location: New Caldari Prime Moon I, Chief Executive Panel bureau.
Clones: None

40bn start bid.

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You’re missing a number of disclosures required when posting a character sale. You can find these in Section C of Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

you betcha

I’d look at 30 bn, tops

youd not be looking at a sale lol

daily bump

bump to the top

30b offer





38b offer

make it 40 you have a deal

Done 40b offer

isk sent as well as a eve mail ty

i need you to mail me the accountname not character name for the transfer

isk received. Transfer starting. o7