44.3M SP Pilot For Sale-- 5/5 Blops/Mauraders

Good day!

Please note that the pilot’s name was lovingly crafted using military call signs to spell a very specific word. That in and of itself is worth it.

|Corporation| Perkone
|Location: R10-GN - B E A N S T A R
|Date of Birth |2018.12.19
|Skill Points |44,321,493
|Unallocated SP |0
|Yearly Remap |1
|Bonus Remaps |2
|Security Status |0.07

Jump Clones:

N-6Z8B - Alpha Paradiso

Notable Skills:

Caldari Battleship 5/5
Black Ops 5/5
Mauraders 5/5
Torp/Cruise Spec 5/5

Opening bid: 30B

I see that 30M opening bid XD. Let me bid 30M

28b offer

29b Offer

30 B ready.
My offer is valid only today.

Lets do it.

OK. Ping me.

I reserved the character for my friend Moscare Bathana, who will confirm the purchase in a moment and will do the rest of the paperwork.

I confirm that i want to buy for 30B. Confirm readiness for transaction.


Isk and mail with account name to character transfer sent. Please confirm character transfer start.

Character transfer has commenced.

Character transfer complete. Sold.

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