44 mil and 2 20+ mil sp alts LF US evening focused WH PvP Corp

Returning player (new toons) been away since 2017 give or take a bit. Before that played from Beta 04 till then, mostly in WH and 0.0 not much low or HS activity. I have plenty of FC experience but been away for a bit so need to get my bearings with all the changes. Two of my toons are heavily focused into Precursor ships t2 fit and t2 hulls up to Leshak, all can fly at least 1 t3 with focused skills (proteus/loki on this one, tengu on another , legion on third.)
I prefer small-med gang fights, t2/t3 cruisers/bcs, with absolutely no interest in cap warfare at all, except BLOPs, so c4 down (will not budge on this).
I play normally during the US evenings though I work from home (before and during Covid this hasn’t changed) so I can be on during strat ops at any time of the day, given warning. My most preferred ships are proteus/loki for cloaky stuff (alts normally in neuting stratios’) or for visible stuff I tend to favor precursors in particular kikimora for roams and Leshak for bash’s. I would love a group that is armor focused with established logi who also flies Precursors a lot.
I am a 49 year old recently retired marine 0-2 (24 years in), Semper Fidelis , and I prefer US focused corps. I have no interest in gate camping, or bash focused corps, high impact fast paced pvp is what I am angling for. If that is leaving the hole to go screw with the nullbears that works for me, or if its going Diving looking for targets on home or other chains thats fine too. I however do not find it entertaining to just stay in one WH and only engage those who come in. That is about as lame as can be imo, almost as bad as normal gate camping. Which is boring af.
I also do not ascribe to bigotry. So if you or your membership talk positively about Trump or racists then do not waste my time, I wont be a fit. This also applies to people who are into shaming gays, trans etc… I don’t really care what you do IRL, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, its your business. But you go out of your way to be a moron and shame/mock people because you dont understand them and you arent worth my time, except maybe to pop in a rage slaughter spree. I have fought for people to have the right to be themselves, bled for it literally, multiple times, and I will not tolerate it in my presence period.
I am typically a fairly relaxed guy, but I like to get stuff done, so once i get a objective in my head just get out of my way so I can get it done.
I know this sounds a bit overly targeted against certain groups in the population here, but I have worked with people I dont like on here before, and I will not allow a similar situation to occur. Im here to kill stuff and have fun, Id rather not waste my time trying to explain basic logic to idiots while doing so.
If I sound akin to what you are looking for message me or mail me as I reply to those more than some copy/paste post here on the forums.
Thanks for your time,
Semper Fidelis,

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