46M good drone and missiles perfect char


Wallet is positive
in an NPC corp
located in hi sec
no kill rights
has positive security status

Start: 40B B/O: 48B


35 bil

Please start at the lowest price

40B Accept private chat?


If you pay 45B
I will pay for the transfer


Are you a German

Are you a German?

Sorry, I am not that I am a Hong Kong citizen.

But I can speak German:》

我是中国人 既然你是我的同胞 那好

Money without borders brothers:》

transaction? :>

那我们开始交易 我在游戏内给你isk?

I am waiting for your reply.:star_struck:
I am going out to eat soon :》

我去创建一个小号用来转移 10分钟

Wait for me to go online and stop learning skills

Please pay the ID, I will transfer immediately.:gift_heart: