47M SP Pilot with Relic skills (?) Rep, Cap, Cov Cyno and More

edit - LOL - OK … I forgot how this works… I need to put the char up on eveboards and it looks like those are down right now.

Check back tomorrow… cheers

I’m thinking of coming back to the game. I bought this character just before I left again in 2013 to bank some EVE assets against MMPORG inflation.

This is a bit more than a price check… I’ll sell if I learn it is a fair price but it will take me maybe 12 hours and some comments or bids to get a feel for it’s value.

Epic name 8)


  • T2 Large Energy Turrets
  • Heavy Missiles 5
  • Heavy Assault Missiles 5
  • Astrometrics 5, other scanning skills 4
  • Hacking & Archaeology 5
  • Great Nightmare pilot
  • Great Tengu pilot.
  • Strong Cap, Tank and support skills.
  • Covert Cyno & Covops
  • 5 L4 Caldari research agents


  • Clone with High grade Crystals + low grade omega and Heavy Missile, Shield and scanning Hardwiring
  • Clone with + 4’s and Scanning/Archaelogy Hardwirings
  • Clone with +4’s and Gunnery and Capacitor Hardwiring
  • Clone with +5’s (2) and +4’s (2) and Heavy Assault Missile Hardwiring

Remap available.

Positive Wallet.
Positive Sec Status
No Killrights

u can easy earn a lot of isk’s making combat sites, relic or data sites.

NOTE - I cut and pasted what the guy said who sold it to me…

I have no idea about the state of the game and what the meta is for the fields mentioned.

32 billion.

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