5.0m SP Character for Sale - 3.75M b/o

(Clonebooster001) #1


Located in Jita 4-4
Wallet is green
Sec Status is positive (5.01)
2 remap available.

Character has just left corp, waiting for ESB to catch up.
Skilled for starter Vindicator/afk drone.
Implant set for Incursions.

Looking to sell, priced at 3.75 B buyout.

Ready to go!
Thank you!

(XeroHedge) #2

3.75bil offer

(Clonebooster001) #3

Accepted. Please send isk and evemail account details

(XeroHedge) #4

isk and account details sent

(Clonebooster001) #5

Confirming recipet, starting transfer request. Also you have ingame mail :slight_smile:

(XeroHedge) #6

yep saw that, will pay your buyout for 002, just post separate thread

(system) #7

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