5.1m+ (and 70921 unallocated SP) SP Focused Helios Prober - B/O - 4bil

I am for sale! Plex sale
Located in Jita 4-4
A prober with a great focus in the helios brand.
0.0 sec status
2 remaps available, currently mapped intel/memory
positive wallet

Covert Ops 4
Gallente Destroyer 4
Gallente Frigate 5
Interceptors 4
Spaceship Command 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5
Cloaking 4
Astrometics 4
Astrometric Pinpointing, Acquisition and Rangefinding 4
Biology 4, Cybernetics 4


Has Cyno/Graviton Physics/Interdictors books injected if you want to go towards dictors, or just use it as a cyno alt when not probing!

B/O 4b

I do not check in game mails.

3b buyout

friend was having issues bumping, so i’d bump for them.


24hour bump

Didn’t even respond?

it cost around 3.4b to transfer a character.

bump. b/o is 4b.


up bump up buy me

bumped up


cheap as fk prober… lets go

ok ok im buyin you and other char :smiley: 4 bil


send isk + account name :slight_smile:

If Immeral Liadon pulls out.

I will B/O 4 billion isk.

isk and acc info sent

Ticket made, enjoy :slight_smile:

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