SOLD - WTS 6M SP good sarter toon (SVIPUL, HELIOS) - 800k SP in SCANNING

(Jack Rummer) #1


I am for sell

  • many injected skills


CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V
Weapon Upgrades V
Small Projectile Turret V
Gallente Frigate V
Minmatar Destroyer V

Good scanning skills - 800k SP! (good for relics and data sites)

no killrights
pos sec stat
pos wallet
in highsec
2x Remap Available

Start bid: 4B
BO: 6B

(Aki Onnlin) #2

I’ll do 4B.

(Jack Rummer) #3

Thx for bid. I’m looking something between 4,5 - 5 B.

(TheBank Manager) #4

4,5 b b/o let me know

(Jack Rummer) #5

@TheBank_Manager 4,5B accepted. send me isks and account name, thx

(TheBank Manager) #6

isk and info send

(Jack Rummer) #7

Isk and acc name received.
Ticket filed.
Waiting for CCP now.

Thank you for the transaction

(system) #8

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