5,27 mil SP Science-Production Pilot

Im for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Astrid_Spence
5.272.393 SP

Cybernetics 5
Advanced Industry 5
Industry 5
Laboratory Operation 5
Metallurgy 5
Research 5
Science 5
Scientific Networking 5

B/O 5,2 B

3.5b bid



3.8 BIL


4.5 BIL what do you think

5.0 bil?

sorry that’s too much cause your skill points are not perfect



I will do 5.0 B, if still selling

is wallet postive?

current location and transfer type?

Positiv wallet
Location - Jita
Transfer for 1000 Plex through support
Transfer fee is high, 5.1 B?

I agree to 5.1 B
Isk and info sent

Payment received and transfer initiated through EVE support

Pilot received, thanks

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