5.2m+ Guristas Puller (burners)/Ceptor/tackle pilot. 50k SP unallocated

Plex sale, currently located in jita 4-4.
Was a puller, switched to cyno alt/tackle alt, then was going to train into DIC’s.

-0.2 sec status
5225317 SP
50k unallocated
2 remaps available. Currently mapped intel/memory
positive isk wallet.

Currently has 5.24 faction standings with guristas, 3.79 corp standing. I believe you can do burners right out of the gate, but training security connections and the other diplomacy skill will guarantee that. Burner’s in Venal are great income.

Amarr Frigate 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5
CPU management 5
Thermodynamics 4
Electronics Upgrades 5
Power Grid Management 5
Caldari/Gallente Frigate 4
Interceptors 4
Spaceship command 5
Hull upgrades/Mechanics 5
repair systems 3hours from 5

skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Phase_Boots

Security Connections
Graviton Physics

Starts at 3.6b

dont mail, only post. thanks :slight_smile:

3b buyout rn

3.6 bil

Will sell to Immeral Liadon in 24h.

Please send 3.6b isk and account name to the character in an in-game mail. Thanks!

hi. acc name and isk sent

ticket made.


all done thank you :kissing_heart:

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