5.2m+ drained pilot - Great engineering skills, AWU5, Prop jamming 5, nearing capital projectile 4, guristas puller

Plex sale, pilot in jita 4-4.
drained tackler, rattler, cyno, puller for guristas burners, wormhole dread.
0.0 sec status
5234727 SP
remap available now. Currently mapped percep/willpower
Positive isk wallet.

6.06 standing with guristas Pirates faction. -1.25 with guristas corporation. This character can still pull, i think? but it does have negative standings with 1 agent. To fix it up, just skill up the social skills.

Great engineering skills, AWU5
Capital Projectile Turret 4 in 2d 14h.
Propulsion Jamming 5

skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lace_Wind

Advanced Spaceship Command
Capital Ships
Minmatar Dreadnought
Capital Shield Operation
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
Capital Projectile Turret
Capital Autocannon Spec
Security Connections
Graviton Physics
Gas Cloud Harvesting

Starts at 4.1b

reply here i dont check mail.

4.1 bil

Will sell to Immeral Liadon in 24h :slight_smile:

4.2 bill

4.3 bil

will sell to immeral in 24h. :slight_smile:

please send 4.3b isk + account name to this character and I will ticket the transfer! :slight_smile:

acc infi and isk sent

ticket made, you should have your character shortly.


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