6m+ SP multipurpose pilot. Tackle alt/Rattler, with Dread/rorq/dic skills, guristas puller standings and more!

It’s “BIink Dagger” the “L” is actually a capitalized i. :slight_smile:

Plex sale, pilot is currently in jita 4-4.
-0.5 sec status
6m+ SP
remap available now, Currently mapped mem/intel
Positive Isk Wallet

Icecloud Investigators-
Apotheosis, Gnosis
Chromodynamic Candy-

6.2 faction standing with guristas/2.52 corporation standing. You can run burners in Venal. Good standing with all venal agents. (without social skills!)

Overall great drone skills, check the eveskillboard below
Mining Drone Operation 5
Mining Drone Specialization 4

Eveskillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/BIink_Dagger

Advanced Spaceship Command
Capital Industrial Ships
Capital Ships
Industrial Command Ships
minmatar dread
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
Capital Projectile Turret
Capital Autocannon Spec
Capital Shield Emission Systems
Capital Shield Operation
Invulnerability Core Operation
Mining Drone Spec
Security Connections
Advanced Mass Production
Graviton Physics
Gas Cloud Harvesting
Industrial Reconfiguration

Starts at 5.3b

Just post, dont mail me.

5.3 bil

5.4b isk ready

5,5 b

will sell to immeral_liadon in 24h :slight_smile:

please send 5.5b isk to this character (make sure you put in biink dagger and not blink dagger) and mail the account you’d like it transfered to. Thanks.

acc info and isk sent

received isk, ticket made, transfer started. Enjoy!

all done ty

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