5.9 mil Sp Amarr WH Explorer Omega

Hey, I have been a fan of Eve for a really long time but haven’t always had the time to play. I have usually been solo exploring or hauling to make ISK but I would like to branch out into pvp, ratting and missions. I have lots of time to play for the next few months and usually spend at least a couple hours a day exploring WH and NS space. I need a corp that is willing to point me in the right direction when I have questions. I can and do research and read so I tend to be pretty independent and im not afraid to get my hands dirty and lose some isk to a learning experience. Not exactly sure what I want to do other than explore (gotta pay for my next omega in ~23ish days ; ), all I know is exploring in the deep dark silence of WHS gets lonely and tiresome at times. Outside of Eve life I live on the west coast, I’m a student and a tax professional (it’s about to get busy) I like guitars, diy, beer and my fat cat. I have a mic speak english well enough and I use discord frequently. Thanks for the read.

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