5 Million SP Starter Covert Capable Character For Sale


Character no longer needed so selling.
Covert Ops, Cloaking skills injected & Transport ships 4. Was used as a scout.
Zero Wallet Balance
Located in Perimeter
Full set of Basic implants.
No kill rights.
I will pay the transfer fee.

3 Billion ISK buyout.

Still for sale.

" Cloaking / Rank 6 / Level: 0 / SP: 0 of 1,536,000 "

Title & ad states Covops & cloaking and dont even have it to lvl 1?

I’ll give you 2b B/o

Can you confirm Cloaking skill please. Not seeing it.

You still sell it?

Skills have been extracted. Character is covert capable. Changed the title of the post to reflect this. Sorry for confusion.

my b/o offer of 2b still stands as its not usable as is…

Incorrect. It’s usable, just not optimal for your situation. If this is not what you’re looking for, thats fine. But please leave your negativity at the door.


Roger no negativity then, but so far I got the only offer on your character, so hit me up if you change your mind.

Thanks. I tell you what, if it’s not sold over the next three days I’ll take you up on 2bill.



2.5B if that is acceptable



3B B/O Online now

3.1B…also available

As you were the first to offer my buyout, you have first dibs. Do you still want the character?

Also, I’ll leave the glasses on her.

yes, im ready for xfer. I will transfer ISk and acc name once you confirm.

Congratulations I guess

Confirmed. Send me the ISK and account name and I’ll do the rest. Thanks.