5.8 Million SP Starter Triglav character


Character no longer needed so selling.
All subcap Disintegrator specializations to large injected.
All subcap precursor spaceship command injected.
Zero Wallet Balance
Located in Perimeter
Full set of Standard implants. Jump clone with Basic’s and another jump clone with full set of High-Grade Asklepian’s. I cant access the Structure in Botane with the Asklepian’s so bear this in mind when purchasing.
No kill rights.
I will pay the transfer fee.

3.5 Billion ISK buyout.

Buyout adjusted. Still for sale.

edit: retracted

Price adjusted to 3.5 billion isk.

is this still for sale?

Yep, still for sale.

Still for sale.

3.5 bil

I will buy it. How to contact you?

Ready to buy

You chose the buy out bid first. Do you still want the character?

I would like to buy

Waiting on the original bidder for buy out. If they dont come back to me over the next few hours, I will review. Thanks.

Ok thank you!

OK you would like to buy. What are you offering?

i want buy this char. you sell ? when you online on EveTime

I’m online right now. Please transfer ISK and account name and I will start the transfer. Thanks.

Acc info and isk sent from Elly Lee

Transfer underway. Thanks.

dang wish i got the message