5 minutes, 10ships, 7bil...what?

I was browising Zkill whilst mining and stumbled across this: https://zkillboard.com/character/1509678410/

The mind boggles. i need to know more…

I guess they were in the bowhead…but why the solo kill?

I would guess at a wardec, someone flying a Bowhead in high sec whilst at war with pirate… clever

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I haven’t lost or killed a bowhead yet…but does it vomit ships into space from its maintenance bay upon destruction?

Yes, and they generate a km


So from what i can gather, they dunked the bowhead, the ships appear and they left one guy to mop up which took a few minutes?

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Same thing can happen to an orca or any ship with a maintanence bay. Also citadels in WH space.

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So we was afk mining were we?

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browsing Zkill? i would think he was “At” the keyboard

If we say so? Peaking tom much? How do we know that we were searching zkill on the phone?

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